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Public Testimony

Seattle City Council

Energy, Technology, and Civil Rights Committee Testimony

WSI members Chuck Lare, Vince Lyons, and Josh Halpin testified at the Seattle City Council's Energy, Technology, and Civil Rights Committee Meeting on 3/3/2010.  Tony Billera, Jason Williams of Artisian Electric, and Rich Haag & Patrick Waddell of Friends of Gasworks Park provided public comment.   Many other members of WSI attended the committee meeting in person to show their support.

Listen to the public comment at the beginning and then fast forward to last 20% where the WSI debate occurrs.  Watch the full video here  or watch the revelvant sections of the video below which are Public Comment (5:15 - 16:30) and testimony for the Wallingford Solar Initiative (90:00 - end).

Supporting Email Testimony

Cathy Tuttle

From: Cathy Tuttle
To: ; ; Richard Conlin ;
Sent: Friday, March 05, 2010 4:59 PM
Subject: Re: Councilmembers Harrell, Licata, Conlin and O'Brien: Wallingford Solar Initiative family-wage job generation.

Dear Councilmembers Conlin, Harrell, Licata, and O’Brien,

Thank you for your interest in the Gasworks Park program of Wallingford Solar Initiative. The Initiative began as a movement in Sustainable Wallingford and has evolved into a robust program of Community Supported Energy alternatives for our neighborhood. The capstone of the Sustainable Wallingford Energy Efficiency Team (SWEET Plan Dec 2008) is generating local energy and we believe the hard work and expertise of this group can be a model for other Seattle neighborhoods working towards local green jobs and carbon neutrality. 

I was most impressed by the testimony of the Wallingford Solar Initiative team to the Council's Energy, Technology, and Civil Rights Committee on March 3, 2010 as they provided the technical, economic, and community rationales for supporting a solar demonstration area in a park that has historically been the power source for our city.

Sustainable Wallingford wholeheartedly applauds the Gasworks Park program of the Wallingford Solar Initiative and encourages Seattle City Council to continue to work with our neighborhood group to refine this plan so that is effective for our neighborhood and for our city as we move towards our sustainable energy future.

Thank you,

Cathy Tuttle 
Sustainable Wallingford Coordinator

Peter Clitherow

From: "peter clitherow" 
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2010 9:59 PM
Subject: Energy tech and civil rights committee mtg

Bruce - i was happy to be at your meeting this afternoon in council chambers; however, i had to leave before the discussion about solar demonstration projects etc.

I strongly support the idea of community solar, for instance, a modest infrastructure in gasworks park to allow neighbors (or anyone else for that matter), to populate portions with solar panels.

We have put a bunch of solar panels on our roof, but now our inverter is maxed out, our roof is out of space, and my wife would like to get an electric vehicle (so we can stop buying middle eastern oil).  but this needs more electricity, so i would invest in such a community solar park in a heartbeat.  (this would presumably support local electrician's jobs for installation).

I look forward to hearing that the your subcommittee supports this idea, and can recommend it to the full council for adoption.

thanks for your time, --p 

Washington State Legislature

WSI members Joshua Halpin and Stanley Florek testified at the 01/11/2010 meeting for the House Committee on Technology, Energy & Communications.  See House Bill Report HB 2537 and House Bill Report 2471 for more details.

Other Media

  • WSI member Vince Lyons commented on an idea for Seattle on Mayor Mike McGinn's Ideas for Seattle website
  • WSI participated in Hamilton International Middle School's Science Night
  • Stanley Florek is quoted and WSI's Gas Works Park Demonstration project is referenced on the web page for a KPLU story