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About Us


The Wallingford Solar Initiative (WSI) is Wallingford neighbors advocating for alternative energy use for the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle – generating family wage jobs. To promote more solar interest we are advocating for alternative energy installations at Gas Works Park, Hamilton International Middle School, rennovation of the Wallingford's Transfer Station and local business and residential installations.


In response to the cataclysmic nature of the nation’s economic downturn in 2008, in March 12, 2009 a “Wallingford Economy Response Meeting” was held at the Wallingford Community Senior Center. Attendees representing business community, clergy, social service and concerned neighbors discussed the issues surrounding that many more people were out of work in the neighborhood than is usually the case. The primary purpose of the meeting was to identify what kind of a community response could/should be developed.

After the meeting there was a conversation about the German economic model,”100,000 Solar Roofs Program”. From this conversation the Wallingford Solar Initiative was born out of interest for economic recovery and family wage green jobs. See the German and Danish Economic Models – family wage job creation:

Action Items

Community and Education Ideas for putting the Wallingford neighborhood back to work:

Gas Works Park – “Coal-to-Solar”

  • A highly visible installation that educates the public on solar technology
  • Potential for being a “Community Solar Project” (collectively owned solar power)

Hamilton International Middle School

  • Potential for a Seattle City Light installation of solar panels providing learning alternative energy science and math applications

Community Outreach Opportunities

  • Efforts to put Wallingford’s unprecedented number of underemployed engineers, architects and other skilled and unskilled idle resources to work.  (e.g. developing innovative ways to lower the cost of entry to the use of alternative energy, grow Small Businesses which are family wage job creating engines)
  • Seeking high visibility solar installation on Wallingford buildings, educating through high profile Wallingford installations that replicate SolarPie’s I-5 PEMCO building installation.
  • Installation on Wallingford residents’ homes.